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In order to provide better and diversified services and products, we, Gamesword HK Co., Limited, and our affiliates (hereinafter “Gamesword”, “us”, “we” or “our”) will hereby collect, use and manage your personal Information in accordance with〈Gamesword Personal Information and Privacy Policy〉 (hereinafter “Policy”). Before you begin to use Gamesword's Game Services, please read the following details and explanation of the Policy carefully. By using the Game Services, you are expressing your agreement to this Policy and the processing of your Information, including your personal information, in the manner provided in this Policy.

1. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

When using the Game Services of Gamesword, you may be required to provide some personal Information through our website, games, any social media and email; including but not limited to personal information you give us when you report a problem to Game Services. The main purpose of collecting personal information is as follows:

(1) Identification and authentication - verify the identity of the account holder and account management

(2) Provide and supports of the Game Services - provide you with the latest information of products and services, etc. for the purpose of matching the service or support you may request.

(3) Response to the comments on discussion forum - Gamesword will collect the email address or name.

(4) Data analysis and statistics - The usage data(including but not limited, gaming history, usage log, game log) of the Game services may be used for making comprehensive arrangement of statistical data and carrying out analysis, which will help Gamesword to develop the most suitable and user-friendly contents for users.

(5) Marketing and promotion - including making direct contact with you through E-mail or electronic communication software in order to provide the latest information.

(6) For the purpose of normal launch of in-game activities - the basic in-game information such as scores of battle and rankings.

2. Type of Collected Information Contents

(1) Basic Information: such as name, sex, date of birth, uniform number of identity certificate, passport number, telephone number, address, email address, marital status, family status, name of legal guardian, or other Information to identify you directly or indirectly; and the original or photocopy will be requested for verification, if necessary.

(2) Account Information: such as financial institution account number, credit card number, transaction information, and other financial information; and if necessary, the original or photocopy will be required to be checked.

3. Period of Personal Information Utilization

Gamesword shall use your Information during the operation period of the Game Services.

4. Area of Personal Information Utilization

Gamesword will utilize your personal Information globally.

5. Policy on Sharing Personal Information with Third Party

You acknowledge and agree Gamesword will retain and store all Information you provided and keep it in one or more databases of Gamesword. We will maintain full control and protection of all Information in these databases in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards.

We will not provide, exchange, lease or sell your personal information to other persons, organizations, private corporations or public institutions, except to the following persons or organizations:

(1) Employees of the Game Services, who have been formally trained to process customer Information and have been authorized by Gamesword.

(2) Third-party service providers that provide support to the Game Services. These providers shall comply with the privacy standards set out herein subject to the contract.

(3) Any person, organizations, private corporations or public institutions to whom the Information shall be disclosed by the Game Services in accordance with laws, government regulations or regulatory requirements.

(4) Any trustee or transferee who is interested in Gamesword, when Gamesword's business restructuring, reorganization or similar circumstance.

(5) The persons or organizations you are dealing with through the Game Services service, such as capital flow service providers, banks, financial or other institutions.

(6) The Game Services may disclose your personal Information to specified persons, organizations, private corporations or public institutions in the following circumstances:

(a) with your consent;

(b) when it is for national security or to promote public interests;

(c) when it is to prevent harm on the life, body, freedom or property of you;

(d) in order to avoid serious damage to any other person;

(e) when such use may benefit you.

Our website and Game Services may content links to a third-party's website or software; you may connect to such third-party's website or software by clicking the link. However, this Policy does not apply to such third-party website so you must read the personal information protection policy of such third party to protect your own personal information.

6. Impact of Failure in Providing Information or Providing False Information

(1) If the Information you have provided is reported by other persons or is found by Gamesword to be insufficient to confirm the authenticity of your identity, then Gamesword may suspend the Game Services provided to you; if the authenticity can be confirmed after your correction, Gamesword will resume your services.

(2)There is some optional personal Information when you apply for the membership of the Game Services or for other services of Gamesword, you may freely choose whether to provide the Information. However, you may be unable to use the specific services or products (such as subscription of e-newsletter, special offers on birthday, etc.) that require registration or relevant Information. In addition, if your account is unauthorized use or has been stolen, in case that you fail to provide Information or have provided false Information and thus the authenticity of your identity cannot be confirmed, Gamesword will be unable to process your request.

7. International Data Transfer

Game Services is mainly provided through internet; hence it is will be available worldwide by its nature. Your information can therefore be transferred to anywhere in the world. Because different countries may have different data protection laws than your own country, we take steps to ensure adequate safeguards are in place to protect your data as explained in this Policy.

8. Information Collected Through Technology

Gamesword collect information through technology to make our websites or Games Services more interesting and useful to you.

Gamesword may use cookies to track general, non-personal information about our users (e.g., user name, pages viewed, time spent our Websites, and the websites visited just before and just after our websites) for statistical and market research purposes. The information is collected on an aggregated and anonymous basis. We use cookies to gather information about Games Services users' browser activities in order to constantly improve our websites and better serve our customers. This information assists us to design and arrange our web pages in a most user-friendly manner and to continually improve our websites to better meet the needs of our customers, prospective customers, and visitors.

Like most Internet services, we may also use log files on the server side. The data held in log files includes your IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type, e-mail application, Internet service provider, referring/exit Web pages, computer platform type, date/time stamp, and user activity (e.g., feature usage, user rankings, game statistics). Gamesword may use server log data to analyze trends, administer the services offered through the Websites. IP addresses are not tied to any personally identifiable information.

In addition, the software enabling the Websites may have associated log and temporary files that are stored on UJ's servers. These files store your account information, preference settings, system notifications as well as other data necessary to enable you to participate on the Websites. Your information may also exist within regularly performed server backups. The foregoing information is collected on an aggregated and anonymous basis. When any game is updated or "patched," our patch routine may check your computer to see that you have the most recent version of game-specific files.

9. Information Security

We have noted the security of the Information collected and have implemented measures to prevent unauthorized access to or use of such Information by other persons. The system of the Game Services uses appropriate security protocols for authentication and authorization so as to ensure the security of electronic communications. Notwithstanding we shall not assume any liability for any breach of security measures or unauthorized disclosure or use of such Information.

10. User Posting Notice

Any part of the Game Services , which can be accessed by the general public, may be indexed by the search engine. If you choose to disclose your personal Information in a publicly accessible location, users should exert special care.

11. Update of Privacy Policy

We attach great importance to the privacy of users and know that it is necessary to update this Policy when Gamesword provides new functions or business services and that we will inform users of the relevant modification before making modification to this Policy.

12. Rights on Personal Information

After your personal Information has been confirmed by the Game Services of Gamesword to be true, you may make the following requests:

(1) To check whether Gamesword holds any of your personal Information.

(2) To have access to your Information held by Gamesword.

(3) To request for correction of your Information.

(4) To identify the policies and practices that Gamesword implements from time to time with regard to the Information held and the types of Information.

(5) To prohibit the access to or use of your Information, and request for the information on the actions taken by the Game Services of Gamesword with regard to any of the aforesaid requests. The Game Services of Gamesword reserves the right to charge reasonable fee for the response to the aforesaid requests.


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Last Updated:2019.12.18